Colourlock Leather Detergent Set

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Washing instructions for leather clothing:

Basically, any leather can be washed without any problems with Leather & Fur Washing Concentrate in the washing machine or by hand. With the right temperature and washing according to the instructions, your leather will become clean again, is guaranteed to stay soft and will not shrink. Always observe the following: Soak heavily stained parts or heavily soiled smooth leathers (collars, cuffs, lapels) in a hand bath and pre-treat carefully with a soft brush. Discolouration cannot be ruled out with combinations of different coloured leathers or with leather-textile mixes or with light-coloured linings and coloured leathers. Always use the fixative for such combinations. Never wash two different pieces together! Always wash all parts of costumes. Some leathers are already faded or have abrasions before cleaning. Such colour damage sometimes becomes more visible after cleaning when the dirt is removed. There are types of leather on the market where dyes are not sufficiently fixed or which are coated with oils or greases. Such leathers will become clean by cleaning, but the surface will change. Buttons that are not sewn on well or appliqués that are sewn on too loosely must be secured. Lambskins with a pure white reverse side sometimes have a wash-out tanning! Therefore, always cut away a small piece first and test wash it. If it shrinks, the skin cannot be washed. Never wash above 30 °C.